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NMW increase gazette//NML verhoging staatskoerant

National Minimum Wage

The Minister of Employment and Labour has announced in Government Gazette, 17 February 2020, No 43026,  the new National Minimum wage effect from 1 March 2020.

GG Extract reads:
Schedule 1 National Minimum Wage (Section 6(6))
Substitute clause 1 under schedule 1 as reflected in Government Gazette No 42060 of 27 November 2018 with the following:

  1. Subject to item 2, the national minimum wage is R20.76 for each ordinary hour worked.
  2. Despite item 1-
  3. Farm workers are entitled to a minimum wage of R18.68 per hour;
  4. Domestic workers are entitled to a minimum wage of R15.57 per hour;
  5. Workers employed on an expanded public works programme are entitled to a minimum wage of R11.42 per hour; and
  6. Workers who have concluded learnership agreements contemplated in section 17 of the Skills Development Act, 1998 (Act no 97 of 1998), are entitled to the allowances contained in schedule 2.

For the full gazette see link: gg43026-2020-GOV_nn175