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Kwanalu Young Farmer of the Year 2019 ~ help us find our ambassador!

“We cannot always build a future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future” ~ Franklin D Roosevelt

Every year we go in search of a farmer under 40 years old, who epitomizes KZN farmers, to do us proud in the national Toyota Agri SA Young Farmer of the Year competition. For us this is more than just a title, it is our chance to showcase the incredibly high calibre of farmers our province boasts.

Understandably, many are reluctant to put themselves forward and for this reason we are asking you to send us an email on info@kwanalu.co.za with suggestions for who we can contact asking them to enter. In the past, we have found that more farmers are willing to enter if they have been nominated; just needing a little push in the right direction knowing that they have been singled out for their hard work!

So, we encourage you to please send names of farmers, under 40 years old, in your community who you feel are a good representative of all KZN farmers. Not only will this be a chance for us to showcase the good work our younger generation of farmers are doing but also an opportunity for your area to be focused on.

For further information on the Kwanalu Young Farmer of the Year competition see here.