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Kwanalu Development Desk

This month we welcome Lindelwa Ndaba to the Kwanalu Development Desk.

Lindelwa attended Cedara College and further extended her studies with a Btech in Agricultural Management from UNISA. With her experience gleaned at, amongst other, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development and the LIMA Rural Development Foundation, Lindelwa will be assisting members with policies and strategies affecting development in the rural and agricultural sector, and will be responsible for leveraging resources for skills development and rural and agricultural growth for both members and the sector.

The role of the Kwanalu Development Desk is to facilitate the growth in effective performance, and number, of profitable small scale, communal and land reform Kwanalu members. The role also provides support to Kwanalu’s Board and members with regards to sustainable and progressive rural and agricultural development.

To contact Lindelwa, email her on development@kwanalu.co.za