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Kwanalu Land Desk

In 2020, we saw the progressive move of the addition of a Kwanalu Land Desk, headed up by John Flanagan. One of the many contributing factors that makes Kwanalu unique, justifiable and relevant in our changing world, is that the Union is guided by the voices of our members, through the Kwanalu Board and Advisory Council. In 2019 the call for a Land Desk position was raised and in January 2021 implemented.

The role of the Land Desk is to support and advise the Kwanalu Board, Advisory Council and members with land matters such as the protection of property and land rights, property and land reform law, facilitation and assistance to members in respect of identifying and formulating solutions relating to land reform issues, relevant policy and legislation, programmes relating to rural economic development and land projects.

To contact John, email him on land@kwanalu.co.za