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Kwanalu Security Desk

The Kwanalu Security Desk which aims to facilitate and address safety and security matters affecting all members, plays a vital component in the difficult social and economic framework within which our members operate. With a failing in governance, at national, provincial and local level, our members are vulnerable and often unsupported in all aspects of the law. Crime, criminals and threats on members’ lives, and against their property, is a huge component of living in rural South Africa.

The Kwanalu Security Desk operates as a liaison between our members and the SAPS, NPA, the justice Department and others by providing accurate, timeous and relevant information in order to assist and facilitate the law of the country and to support and protect our members.

Kwanalu plays a leading role in gathering murder and attack statistics, analysing and tracking each one of these cases. The value of accurate statistics is critical when lobbying and dealing with safety and security matters.

Email: securitydesk@kwanalu.co.za