The voice of agriculture . Die stem van landbou . Izwe lezokulima

Functions of Kwanalu

  • Kwanalu serves as a catalyst to initiate an essential change within agriculture in order to secure a sustainable future for agriculture in KZN.
  • Kwanalu lobbies for a positive policy framework on behalf of agriculture in KZN, by pro-actively ensuring that laws, regulations, ordinances, attitudes and assumptions subjacent to this framework are optimally agricultural friendly.
  • Kwanalu endeavours to create a positive attitude within agriculture in KZN, focused on securing the future of agriculture through its commitment in all walks of life.
  • Kwanalu ensures that the umbrella image of agriculture in KZN remains optimally positive and contributions made by agriculture to the economy in KwaZulu-Natal be communicated to the public of KZN in the most explicit and impactful manner.
  • Kwanalu offers a sector specific focus point to optimally enhance the collective interest of agriculture in KZN.
  • We ensure that the agricultural community remains informed on local and international events.
  • We promote holistic farming practices incorporating sensitivity towards environmental and community matters of concern, and viewpoints, needs and fears of all interest groups.
  • We ensure that agriculture in KZN is a well-organised sector offering a one-stop service with whom other sectors and role players in the South African economy can comfortably liaise and co-operate.
  • We create opportunities and alternatives for the development of agriculture in KZN where necessary.
  • To ensure an economically feasible rural environment in which all rural inhabitants are optimally empowered to realise their full potential.
  • To facilitate a sustainable, non-racial, non-sexist commercial agricultural sector in KZN, which progressively represents the population compilation in the province.