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Kwanalu President, Andy Buchan: The importance of Kwanalu’s role

President of Kwanalu, Greytown farmer, Andy Buchan warns farmers that “the voice of a fragmented agricultural sector will be silenced by the noise of numerous individuals or organisations vying for position to promote their own interests”.

“A classic “divide and rule” scenario will negate the collective lobbying power needed to advocate the cause of agriculture and farmer interests. Kwanalu seeks to unify all farmers, their associations, commodity groups and agri-business stakeholders within our province by:

  • Being guided by a comprehensive constitution ensuring sound corporate governance and a correctly constituted Board and Advisory Council
  • Underpinning all transactions on solid principals of
    • Integrity – credible, relevant and integrated
    • Social and moral responsibility and compliance
    • Professionalism – projecting a modern and progressive image
    • Taking well-informed positions
  • Cultivating a secure economic environment conducive for growth and development
  • Engaging government at all levels to inform and influence meaningful change
  • Creating a robust communication platform for member expression and dissemination of accurate information”.