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Reporting of Farm Attacks

Kwanalu has strategically been collecting and collating statistics and information relating to farm attacks and murders in KwaZulu-Natal for the past 20 years.  With every farm attack in KZN, Kwanalu immediately enters into a procedure which entails various facets.

This has aided us in various ways, amongst other: informing the rural safety strategy, lobbying on challenges and shortcomings by various safety and security, justice and other related institutions, having accurate statistics to monitor trends and to analyse cases, to prepare and present accurate information in court cases, to prepare and make available valuable information to members for their use to improve possible home and hearth safety shortcomings.

We would like to request that in the event of a farm attack, this is reported to Kwanalu immediately. When reporting please do so in writing and provide relevant information which may be available.  Email info@kwanalu.co.za or securitydesk@kwanalu.co.za.