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Kwanalu Whatsapp – Important: Please add to your contacts to receive information

We introduced a WhatsApp broadcast messaging system in late 2018 as an up-to-date means of communication with the objective of reaching more members, more often.

Regulations in WhatsApp messaging require the recipient (in this case, you our member) to have the Kwanalu number 081 328 3877 saved as a contact in their phone in order to receive our broadcast messages (this is a protection against spam and fake news).

If you have not received a WhatsApp from us this means you probably do not have the Kwanalu WhatsApp number saved as a contact.

To receive messages and information from us please save the Kwanalu WhatsApp number 081 328 3877 to your contacts.

If you do have the Kwanalu WhatsApp number saved and haven’t received a message, please send us your cell phone number so we can update our system.

Kwanalu members who would like to add their family members to receive our Whatsapp broadcasts, please send an email with your family members’ name and cell phone number to  info@kwanalu.co.za

Your family member will then need to add the Kwanalu WhatsApp number 081 328 3877 to their contacts.