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Kwanalu calls for potholes & bad roads to be reported

By Staff Reporter

March 15, 2023

The chronic condition of roads and general infrastructure in rural KwaZulu-Natal continues to stifle food security and economic growth says the KZN Agricultural Union, Kwanalu.

In October 2022, the Union welcomed the launch of Sanral’s Vala Zonke Pothole Reporting App, and once again calls on its members, agri-businesses and the general public to report potholes through the app.

Stakeholders from all levels of the value and supply chains are urged to take action in reporting poor road conditions to facilitate in making KZN’s infrastructural repairs and maintenance a priority.

“Whilst our members across KZN have been tirelessly trying to have potholes, bad roads and other road issues repaired at all levels, we thank Sanral for their progressive stance towards addressing the state of rural infrastructure in the country.  We have been informed that all entries logged via the app will receive attention. Collectively, we can make a difference to highlight this issue, and we encourage all those who use rural roads to please log potholes and road issues on the app,” said Kwanalu CEO, Sandy La Marque.

Kwanalu conducted a Roads Survey in March 2022 which quantified that the severe lack of systemic road maintenance and the non-existence of upgrading of roads was hindering, and in some cases completely preventing, the collection and supply of goods and services to and from agricultural and rural areas. Following this survey, Kwanalu launched a Roads Campaign to address, highlight and draw attention to the urgent need for action at district level, as well at provincial and national levels.

“We require government, municipalities, stakeholders and leadership to be working together at all levels to ensure that the focus of attending to the matter of infrastructure is done with the key economic implications in mind,” said La Marque.

The KwaZulu-Natal Agricultural Union, Kwanalu, is a representative organization voice of the rural and agricultural sectors in the province. It’s viewpoints are based on submissions from its members and it is committed to a sustainable and profitable future for Agriculture within KwaZulu-Natal and greater South Africa.