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Importation of agricultural regulated products into the Republic of South Africa during the Easter holidays

MEDIA RELEASE                                                                                         17 April 2019

The Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) is making a friendly call to all international travellers who will be visiting South Africa during the Easter holidays, or returning to South Africa after the holidays, to comply with the country’s import requirements for agricultural and related regulated products/ articles. Compliance will assist our country in preventing and minimising the potential risk of introducing alien invasive species, foreign pests and diseases that could be associated with imported plants, plant products, animals, animal products and other regulated goods.

South Africa, like any other country, has a crucial mandate and sovereign right to protect its territory, biodiversity and economy against harm, thus it regulates importation of animals and animal products, liquor products, plants and plant products, honey and honey products as well as any other potentially harmful materials from other countries into its territory. This is in accordance with the country’s relevant legislation, which is aimed at preventing the introduction, establishment and spread of pests and diseases from other parts of the world. Once a quarantine pest or disease is introduced into the country, we find it difficult and expensive   to control and manage, thus prevention is imperative.

Furthermore, the importation of certain liquor products with an alcohol content of more than 1% into the country for drinking purposes is restricted, except on the authority of an import certificate issued by DAFF.

Please note that import conditions may differ according to the country of origin/ export, global pest distribution, type of products, etc. Travellers are therefore advised to contact DAFF offices for detailed information regarding the product to be imported, through:

  • Animals and animal products:

Tel:  +27 12 319 7476/ 7500/ 6313

Fax:  +27 12 319 8292, E-mail:  VetPermits@daff.gov.za

  • Plants and plant products:

Tel: +27 12 319 6102/ 6130/ 6207/ 6313

Fax: +27 12 319 6370, E-mail: PlantHealthPermits@daff.gov.za

  • Liquor products:

Tel: +27 11 971 5138/ +27 12 319 6137

E-mail: NjokoS@daff.gov.za

Upon arrival in South Africa, all the imported consignments of above mentioned regulated products must be presented to the DAFF inspectors at the port of entry for compliance inspections as per import conditions. The consignments may not be removed from the port of entry without written authorisation or before being granted entry by the DAFF inspectors.

For information on DAFF inspection services and procedures, contact the Directorate Inspection Services at tel: +27 12 309 8701, fax: +27 12 309 8785 or

e-mail: ErnestP@daff.gov.za

For media enquiries contact:

Mr Zweli Silangwe

Acting Chief Director: Stakeholder Relations and Communications

Cell: 076 925 9875

E-mail: ZweliS@daff.gov.za