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Statistics SA – Census of Commercial Agriculture (COCA)

Statistics SA – Census of Commercial Agriculture (COCA)

Following our previous communique on this matter herewith an update.

Kwanalu has met with Statistics SA and addressed various issues amongst other to ensure they follow the On-Farm Protocol.  Issues regarding the provision of financial information have also been raised as this is a concern expressed by many members.

There are only two sets of information that Stats SA can provide beforehand and only to the Reserve Bank and Treasury, which is the CPI and GDP figures. State SA is governed by the Statistics Act. If any information is leaked, Stats SA can be closed down ito the Act.

No other information can be given to SARS, Treasury or any government agency if it has not been processed into results.

With regard to financial information. If a farmer does not want to fill in his / her own financial information, he / she can refer the Stats officer to his accountant/bookkeeper. Stats SA will contact the bookkeeper. The bookkeeper usually has a reconciliation statement / summary of the producer’s financial information. Financial information made available in a hard copy, which the Stats officers work from, may not be removed from the farm / bookkeeper’s office at all. This information is similar to the information that is entered on your income tax.

Please take note of the information below:

  • An example of the questionnaire can be found on the Kwanalu Website – www.Kwanalu.co.za
  • Data Collection is scheduled to commence from October 2018 to June 2019.
  • This is a national project and the survey will mainly cover farmers that are engaged in any form of agriculture, fisheries and forestry activity who sell their produce to the market for profit.
  • Stats SA Fieldworkers must follow the On-Farm Protocol, be wearing overshirts (Bibs) with a Stats SA logo, carry at all times official Stats SA ID Cards and the vehicles they use have a clearly visible Stats SA brand.
  • Field workers will work through the questionnaire with the producer during the farm visit and will capture the information directly onto a tablet.
  • Confidentiality of information:
    • Stats SA is governed by the Statistics Act (Act no 6 of 1999), information about individuals and businesses must be treated as strictly confidential.  This includes financial information.
    • (they may not pass on your information to any other party)
  • To find out who is working in your district go to the COCA website and look at – who is in the field (photos of individuals etc. included)
  • For further information go to the COCA website – https://coca.statssa.gov.za/