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Update from the Kwanalu Security Desk

Whilst we have distributed this important security alert by WhatsApp, we wish to again draw your attention to this alert. As we approach the last quarter of the year and head towards the festive season, from experience, we have noted an increase in criminal activities due to a higher demand for cash, livestock, and any items of value during this period.


Statistics collected from previous years indicate that well organized syndicates are more active during this period and will not hesitate to make use of every possible opportunity to commit a crime.


Kwanalu’s Security Desk expert, Mr Freddie Van Tonder’s recent visits to farm attack crime scenes it was noted that, in most instances, there were little or no security measures in place.


On further investigation, it was also established that foreigners and drug addicts are mostly responsible for these attacks, they will steal anything of value to sell to support their immediate needs.


Most importantly, commercial trade on farms, coupled with the exchange of cash, results in a serious security threat. Farmers trading on their farm should take extra precautionary measures to ensure personal safety and security.


Additionally, from investigations undertaken it is strongly suspected that these farm attacks are initiated with information supplied by either workers or persons closely associated with the attackers. Employers are advised to screen all their labour and ensure that they are in possession of a valid identification document. Keep copies of all relevant documentation for possible reference.


It was further noted that there is an increase in farm attacks and criminal activities in an area where contract workers are deployed. Rural and farming communities and, particularly farmers, must take every possible security measure to ensure their community and own safety and security. Continue to develop a good working relationship with your local police security structures. Establish a safety network within your community and create an effective communication network with all stakeholders.


Be vigilant and stay safe.