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Unlawful Entry on Premises Draft Bill 2022

Unlawful Entry on Premises Draft Bill 2022 – New laws to deal with trespassers on private property.

Click here: Draft-Unlawful-Entering-On-Premises-Bill

The bill, if enacted, will fully repeal the Trespass Act, No. 6 of 1959 and establish new laws prohibiting unlawful entry on premises in South Africa. The new bill aims to prohibit the unlawful entry on premises, and to provide for matters connected therewith. The call for comments on the bill is open until 16 September 2022. The comments on the bill must be submitted to Ms A Botha, on or before 16 September 2022. The contact details are:
Postal address: The Director-General: Justice and Constitutional Development, Private Bag X 81. Pretoria, 0001 – marked for the attention of Ms A Botha; or E-mail address: AlBotha@justice.gov.za