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Tribal Land Ownership to the People

  • The Witness
  • 21 Dec 2017

JOHANNESBURG — The ANC has resolved to transfer the land in traditional holdings over to the people who live on it.

This was one of the resolutions of the ANC’s subcommittee on governance and legislature.

Senior ANC members Obed Bapela, Parks Tau and Andries Nel presented this subcommittee’s resolutions to the media yesterday afternoon.

Bapela said they had decided that the land in traditional authorities would be transferred to the people who live on it.

This would help restore the issue of ownership and pride.

Currently, the land is held in trusts that are managed by traditional leaders.

One of the famous pieces of land under this arrangement is the homestead of President Jacob Zuma, which is held in the Ingonyama Trust. How this transfer would take place, would be determined collectively by the communities, said Bapela.

They also resolved to give traditional leaders greater participation in the National Council of Provinces. This will only be a participatory role, not a voting role.