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SONA 2024: AgriSA echoes sentiments shared on public-private partnerships

9 February 2024

AgriSA, representing South Africa’s agricultural sector, acknowledges President Cyril Ramaphosa’s State of the Nation Address, which underscored the pivotal role agriculture plays in the nation’s economy. As the backbone of South Africa’s economic landscape, agriculture serves as a catalyst for growth, job creation, and food security.

“We acknowledge the progress highlighted in land reform initiatives but stress the need for concerted efforts to align with the objectives of the National Development Plan 2030 (NDP),” says AgriSA chief executive officer Johann Kotzé. “Agriculture stands central to this plan, and comprehensive strategies are imperative to address the sector’s challenges and capitalise on its opportunities.”

Furthermore, AgriSA echoes the sentiments shared regarding the need for strong public–private partnerships to drive progress in key sectors such as energy, logistics, and infrastructure. “We are pleased to see tangible progress resulting from collaborative efforts between the sector and government in addressing key issues such as logistics, energy, and combating crime and corruption, as highlighted by the president.”

Addressing the performance issues in these sectors is crucial to unlocking the full potential of the agricultural industry, enabling it to contribute significantly to economic development.

He says the sustainability and positive impact of the South African agricultural industry on society and the economy hinge on urgent and substantial structural reforms within these sectors.

“Establishing a stable, aligned, and consistent regulatory framework with efficient administration is critical to attracting and retaining investments. Together, through effective collaboration and commitment, we can ensure that agriculture continues to play a vital role in creating economic prosperity,” says Kotzé.


Kulani Siweya

Agri SA, Agricultural Economist