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Security Desk Update by Freddie van Tonder

It is undeniable that our farming communities and farmers were confronted with many issues related to safety and security in 2023. With the national and provincial elections taking place on 29 May this year, along with predictions by several political analysts and institutions that the ruling party may lose some of its seats in certain constituencies, there may be a power struggle resulting in possible conflict amongst political parties and their members.


Given that KwaZulu-Natal is known for its political intolerance, it is of utmost importance that productive collaboration between Government, SAPS, the private sector, civil society and active community involvement are essential for success. The Kwanalu Security Desk, which represents all farming and rural community members, will adhere to its mandate with particular focus on the following:

  • Table and discuss all crime and rural safety issues brought forward by members at Provincial Rural Safety Priority Committee meetings.
  • Assess the situation on a daily basis and liaise with the police at provincial and station level.
  • Update our members through Kwanalu’s communication channels of any risk factors.


In addition, there has been an increase of theft from irrigation systems on farms and communication towers in the province by well organized by syndicates and following or during the activity of contract workers.


The Kwanalu Security Desk represents members at the Provincial Non-Ferrous Metals Crime Combatting Committee meetings. In upcoming meetings, the extent of the crime, negative impact on farming activities and security risk will be highlighted as a matter of urgency. We urge members to practice the following security guidelines as measures for prevention and recourse:

  • Be alert and on the lookout for unusual behaviour or activity on the farm.
  • Establish a good working relationship with your employees, encourage them to be on the lookout for strangers in the area and to notify you of their presence.
  • Implement additional security measures to prevent theft and secure infrastructure.
  • Report all cases timeously to your local police and request a case number as reference.
  • Actively participate in your local rural security structure in your respective area to identify and institute focused crime prevention operations.

Members are requested to keep the desk informed of any possible security threat that might occur in their area on securitydesk@kwanalu.co.za or on (083) 225 8522.