The voice of agriculture . Die stem van landbou . Izwe lezokulima

President of Kwanalu, Andy Buchan’s 2019 message to fellow farmers.

On behalf of Kwanalu, I would like to thank our members for the positive contribution made toward securing a future for our industry during the past year and trust the new year will bring some reward for these endeavours.

While often embroiled in political uncertainty, agriculture needs all farmers to continue working toward finding sustainable solutions for the change so necessary to move our sector and economy forward.

The objective of land reform is to produce self-sufficient farmers, capable of contributing to food security and to the economy. Kwanalu and its affiliates recognise the need for land reform, but the simple acquisition of land without the conjugate productive support to sustain a living, is degenerative and destined for failure.

Although the efforts of many seem fruitless, our Lord would remind us not to grow weary in doing good, for in due season we will reap our reward.

All farmers, irrespective of size and background, have a role to play in driving agriculture forward and are encouraged to work together using the organised structures at their disposal to facilitate this process.

Strong, level-headed leadership and strategic thinking is needed to provide tactical focus to organised agriculture.

As we enter 2019, remember that all we have to do is make a difference Today. Yesterday is gone and Tomorrow is not ours. Let us trust the Lord for Tomorrow, make sound decisions Today and create good memories for Yesterday.