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Preservation and Development of Agricultural Land Bill

The Portfolio Committee on Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development invites you to submit written comments Preservation and Development of Agricultural Land Bill [B8 – 2021].

The Preservation and Development of Agricultural Land Bill seeks to:
▪ provide that the Act applies to all agricultural land within the Republic;
▪ provide principles for the management of agricultural land;
▪ provide for agricultural land evaluation and classification;
▪ provide for the preparation, purpose and content of provincial agricultural sector plans;
▪ provide for the declaration of protected agricultural areas;
▪ provide for the general objectives of agro-ecosystem management, agro-ecosystem authorisations, the listing and delisting of activities or areas within agro-ecosystems and the identification of competent authorities;
▪ provide for the establishment of committees and the appointment of technical and other advisers to advise the Minister, MECs and competent authorities;
▪ provide for a performance assessment framework;
▪ provide for the establishment and management of the national agro-eco information system;
▪ provide for appeal procedures;
▪ provide for the appointment and functions of inspectors;
▪ provide for contravention directives and the investigation and gathering of data on property;
provide for the delegation of powers;
▪ enable the Minister to make regulations and determine norms and standards;
▪ provide for offences and penalties;
▪ provide for the amendment of the Subdivision of Agricultural Land Repeal Act, 1998 (Act No. 64 of 1998); and to provide for matters connected therewith.

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