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Kwanalu Roads Campaign Update – May 2022

In April, Kwanalu asked its members to participate in a survey to ascertain a real-time snapshot of the state of rural roads in the province. The resulting statistics paid testament to rising concerns over the chronic condition of roads and general infrastructure and its impact on food security and economic growth.

In addition, we hosted a high level Roads Impact Webinar together with leaders of the province’s Associations to deliberate the topic and forge a way forward to receiving urgent action in addressing these concerns. The meeting was also attended by leaders of Agri Eastern Cape and Agri Free State.

Kwanalu has undertaken a significant intervention which must cut across all spheres of governance.  The disconnect between service required and service delivery must be bridged, as we have learnt this comes through commitment to the issue. For a summary report of the interventions undertaken click here.

“We are looking forward to engaging with officials on this matter. Food matters little if we can’t get to communities. The movement of food, goods and services is critical for food security, employment and economic growth. We are committed to actively addressing this critical matter,” said Sandy La Marque.