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Kwanalu hosts critical municipal property rates act discussion

To address concerns over inconsistencies and irregularities in the Municipal Property Rates Act (MPRA) regarding agricultural and rural sectors, the KZN Agricultural Union (Kwanalu) hosted a MPRA Webinar on Tuesday, 14 June with leaders from KZN Associations.


Following a Municipal Property Rates Survey conducted by Kwanalu amongst its membership base, it was found that there were inconsistencies in rates policies, rate randages, rebate structures and valuation methodologies throughout KZN.


“With accurate information in hand, collective action can be taken to ensure municipalities do not ‘materially and unreasonably prejudice’ the agricultural and rural sectors when implementing the MPRA,” said Kwanalu CEO, Sandy La Marque.


Key findings from the MPRA Survey were presented by John Flanagan from the Kwanalu Land Desk, with best practices and recommendations provided by Kwanalu board member Bobby Hoole.


The MPRA Webinar sought to provide guidance for association leaders on rural landowners’ rights, possible challenges and strategies on how to engage with local municipalities proactively and effectively.


“It is important that key issues such as municipal property rates and others pertaining to rural and agricultural sectors are critically evaluated and discussed to initiate essential change in order to secure a sustainable future for agriculture in the province,” said La Marque.


For more information on Kwanalu visit www.kwanalu.co.za or call (033) 342 9393.