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Kwanalu: COVID-19_REGULATIONS 170820

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Dear Members

1. New Regulations released 170820

New regulations relating to the national COVID-19 disaster declared on 15 March have been released. The new gazette dd 17 August 2020 unpacks regulations regarding alert level 2.

In particular the latest regulations refer to:
• determination of alert level
• movement of persons (please see new amended permit for L2)
o curfew 22h00 until 04h00 except where a person has been granted a permit
o please click here for the new permit as .doc – PERMIT-TO-PERFORM-ESSENTIAL-SERVICES-L2 170820
• mandatory protocols when in a public place or attending a gathering
• attendance of funerals
• eviction and demolition of places of residence
• rental housing
• gatherings
• laces and premises closed to the public
• closure of borders
• public transport
• sale, dispensing or transportation of liquor
• operation of economic and public sector
• operation of economic sector
• offences and penalties

Please click here for the new regulations:  43620gon891s_0 L2