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Kwanalu: Covid-19 Update: 25/3/20

Dear Members
Please take time to read the information being provided.
The information on the Kwanalu website will assist in providing accurate, relevant and practical information.
As the situation unfolds, we will endeavour to communicate through various mediums ensuring that you are placed in a position to continue as an essential business.  (Kwanalu emails, Telegram and website will be the preferred mediums)

Please understand that the situation may change at any time.  It is imperative to respect the guidelines, rules and best practice and remain united in our approach. We will continue to lobby and represent the interests of our members throughout this extreme situation.

Meeting with Minister Didiza 24 March 2020

On 24 March a meeting took place with Minister Didiza, Agri SA and stakeholders.  Please take the time to read the report of the meeting as it contains clear and practical information and will answer many questions currently being asked of government.

There are continual engagements taking place and details are being worked out.
We are expecting a gazette to be issued which will also provide clarity.

Meeting with Minister Didiza 240320 Statement by Minister Didiza 240320

Statement by Minister Didiza 240320

Permit Template

It has been negotiated and agreed that members self-regulate essential services movement using permits (businesses/employers).
The template has been updated to reflect the one in the regulation as released.

Guideline: for all persons employed or undertaking essential services:

  1. The letter must be an original official letter with letter head (in color)
  2. The full name/’s, Surname, ID number and address of employee
  3. The employer’ s name and address
  4. Business hours of the company, eg from 07:00 till 19:00
  5. Name and contact number of Manager
  6. Original signature of Manager

This letter and ID/Drivers licence (any form of ID with a photo) must always be in possession of the employee/employer.

PLEASE can all members respect and ensure that this self-regulation of permits is not abused.  The template can be adjusted to a situation for eg. travelling from farm to farm or collecting spares etc. The agreed self-regulation is entrusted to members as an essential service,  however abuse could see a different far more stringent, lengthily and impractical system being introduced.