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Kwanalu calls for rational thinking and sound leadership

CEO of the KwaZulu-Natal Agricultural Union, Kwanalu, Sandy La Marque has appealed to communities to remain calm in the wake of the incident which took place earlier this week in Eshowe.

“The criminal act, and the social unrest which followed, are unrelated to land issues but rather are the result of a community calling for the arrest of an alleged accused. This is an isolated criminal offence which took place on a property in Eshowe which happens to be a farm. The incident is being dealt with by all relevant authorities and is currently under investigation,” said La Marque.

La Marque further called on the broader KZN community, media and leaders to refrain from jumping to conclusions, to ensure their information is from credible sources and not to blindly rely on information circling on social media channels and groups.

“We strongly condemn any criminal acts, the use of violence and the subsequent actions that have taken place in response to the incident, but we call on people to be rational and calm in order for the SAPS to complete their investigation so that due process of the law can take place,” said La Marque.