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Impouding of stray animals and illegal hunting with dogs: WHAT CAN FARMERS DO?

1: Farmers are advised not to get involved in a verbal or physical altercation with livestock owners in search for their livestock or illegal dog hunters when confronted. Rather request the assistance of your local Police, farm watch or security company to act on your behalf. Step back and if possible, and without causing tension, take photos or video footage of the event to support your case.


2: It is advisable to have your station and stock theft unit commander’s contact details on your cell phone to contact them for support and assistance during such events. It is important to build trust and a working relationship with your local Police.


3: When reporting an incident obtain the details of the SAPS member and insist on an occurrence book entry [OB] as reference. The local Stock Theft Unit is responsible to verify the ownership of the stray or impounded cattle by means of the registered brandmark. Unbranded and unclaimed animals must be impounded by the stock Theft Unit for further investigation.


4:In an event of illegal hunting with dogs and an arrest being made, demand a case number in order to have your case investigated and to keep the commander accountable.


Farming communities are encouraged to build, and have, a working relationship with their local Police, communities leaders, Induna and Inkosi. This will be a useful platform where problems could be resolved at local level. The Local station commander and the designated rural safety officer must be engaged to facilitate such meetings.