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Help us celebrate 20 years by giving back 

At our annual congress held in September, we proudly launched “20 Minutes of Transformation” – a campaign to mark Kwanalu’s 20th anniversary and celebrate our heritage as leaders of transformation in the agricultural sector. The campaign calls on all KZN farmers and their families to give back 20 minutes of their time – one minute for each year of Kwanalu’s proud existence – to uplift and improve the lives of those in their local communities.

To make this initiative a success, we need everyone to get involved; this is your chance to work together with your neighbours for the greater good of your community and to showcase our farmers’ selfless commitment to their communities.

All we’re asking is for farmers to donate their time and skills for just 20 minutes, by doing something to make a difference in the lives of those less privileged in their community, before 24th April 2018 – Kwanalu’s official 20th birthday.

Our hope is that this initiative doesn’t come to a stop after the 20 minutes are up but that it is the start of a bigger movement to implement meaningful transformation from the ground up, where it is needed the most.

Examples of projects:

  • Preparing and planting a sustainable and viable community vegetable garden
  • Collecting and donating books to a local school/ community library
  • Applying your organizational skills/ volunteering to a local school/ community library
  • Collecting and donating toys, bicycles and clothes for disadvantaged children
  • Reading to children at a local school/ community
  • Assisting with the maintenance of community infrastructure and safety – fixing leaking toilets, roofs, fences etc
  • Re-painting of schools/ creches/ community hall/ church in area
  • Collecting stationary for donation to a local school
  • Advice on small-scale subsistence farming – including livestock/ crop treatment and care.
  • Work experience day on a farm – inviting local school children or teenagers to visit farm and learn about agriculture.
  • Donating and installing a JoJo tank.
  • Assisting with upgrading water schemes/ irrigation on subsistence farms/ lands.

If you’re already involved with a community charity or social project, why not invite other members from your farming district to work with you as part of yours and their 20 minutes?

The opportunities are limitless – the idea being that each district identifies what their local communities need and for farmers and their families to assist with the provision and/ or implementation of providing for these needs.

This campaign aims to showcase the good work that our farmers in KZN are doing to create meaningful change for those who need it the most and encourage those, who want to do something to make a difference, to get involved and do so. Projects will be driven by each farming district, coordinated by the local Farmer’s Association with support and direction from Kwanalu.  Your Farmer’s Association Chairperson will soon be receiving an information pack containing the relevant information. In the meantime, if you have any comments or suggestions and queries, please get in touch on 033 342 9393 or email info@kwanalu.co.za.