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Former SAPS Commander to head up Kwanalu Security Desk

The Kwa-Zulu Natal Agricultural Union, Kwanalu, welcomes highly regarded and well-known Pietermaritzburg veteran policeman and detective, Freddie van Tonder, to head up the union’s Security Desk.

The Kwanalu Security Desk plays a pivotal role in facilitating and addressing safety and security matters affecting its membership base, and sees the position working closely with the SAPS, local security companies and relevant stakeholders, including government structures and the Justice Department.

Van Tonder served in the South African Police Service for 41 years, retiring in 2016 with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. From 2006 to 2016 van Tonder served as Commander of the Pietermaritzburg Stock Theft Unit providing him with an acute understanding of the challenges unique to the farming communities of KZN. Since 2019, he has played an advisory role to the Red Meat Producers Organisation [RPO] on stock theft related matters, responsible for coordinating and liaising with stock owners on pro-active actions for securing their livestock, assisting in solving theft issues and liaising with relevant stakeholders on behalf of KZN’s farming communities. Van Tonder is also chairperson the KZN Stock Theft forum.

“During my tenure as Commander of the Pietermaritzburg Stock Theft Unit I worked closely with the farmers of KZN and came to know the various farming communities’ concerns and needs which enabled me to give valuable guidelines in securing their livestock and proactive measures on farm security matters,” said van Tonder.

“The Kwanalu Security desk has an important task in providing guidelines and assistance to the KZN farming community in safety and security matters affecting our members. Our farmers must be assisted and protected at all costs, as they are the backbone of our food security and economy in our country. I am committed to serve our members to the best of my ability,” said van Tonder.

“The Kwanalu Security Desk is an exceptional success and has benefited members since the inception in 1999. After listening to our members, we have reviewed the terms of reference and are constantly improving our services. The Kwanalu Security Desk is a highly respected function, and we are confident that the skills, expertise and dedication that Freddie will bring to the desk will continue to address rural safety and security matters in the interests of our members. One key factor that we have learnt over the years is that by taking a strong lead on these matters we make an impact and distinct in our province,” said CEO of Kwanalu, Sandy La Marque.