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for comment: Disaster Management Amendment Bill

Please find the Disaster Amendment Bill, the bill is open for commentary: B2-2021_Disaster_Management

The purpose of the Bill is:

  • to amend the Disaster Management Act of 2002, by amending the duration of a state of disaster;
  • to provide that any action taken as a result of a declaration of a state of disaster is only effective prospectively;
  • to provide that only the National Assembly, a provincial legislature or a council of a municipality may resolve to extend a national, provincial or local sate of disaster respectively and to provide for the duration of the extension;
  • to provide for the requisite majorities required in the national Assembly, provincial legislature and council of a municipality in order to extend the disaster;
  • to provide that a resolution to extend a national, provincial or local state of disaster, as the case may be, may only be adopted after public debate in the respective legislatures;
  • to provide for oversight by the National Assembly and provincial legislature over a national or provincial state of disaster respectively; and
  • to amend the provisions dealing with the lapsing of national, provincial or local state of disaster and the termination of the regulations and by-laws made in terms of it.

Please submit your comments by no later than 22 August 2021 to info@kwanalu.co.za