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GG_ Calls on water users to register or update water uses

Please find notices published by the Department of Water and Sanitation in the Government Gazette calling on water users to register or update their water uses.

Please note that water received from a local authority, a water board, an irrigation board, water users association or another bulk water supplier are exempted from the registration requirement.  For other water users, the requirement to register water uses is compulsory. Failure to register water uses and/or late registrations may incur charges.

The requirement to register water uses is compulsory (and has been since 1999).

The Department of Water and Sanitation is giving water users (other than water users that belong to irrigation boards or water users associations) who have failed to register their water uses the opportunity to rectify their failure in this regard. It is also an opportunity to update contact particulars for registered water users where such might have changed. Where verification and validation has not been completed, that will happen in due course. Proper registration remains a pre-requisite to verification and validation.

  1. national-water-act-36-1998-notice-to-register-water-use-in-terms-of-the-act-
  2. Updating of water user information notice in terms of national water user act


Applications forms are available on the below links:

Updating of water user information Notice:

  1. Water Management Institutions (Irrigation Boards, Water user associations, government water schemes etc) : https://www.dws.gov.za/Projects/WARMS/Registration/R000218/DW%20812.pdf
  2. Water users outside water management institutions : https://www.dws.gov.za/Projects/WARMS/Registration/R000218/DW811%20FORM_FINAL%2020102022a.pdf


Registration of licensed and/or general authorised water users Notice:

  1. Waste water use related application forms: https://www.dws.gov.za/Projects/WARMS/WasteRegLic/wastereglicensingforms.aspx


Please direct all registration related enquiries to: warmsenquiries@dws.gov.za

Your can also submit completed application forms to: register@dws.gov.za    or walk to our Department of Water and Sanitation or Catchment Management Agency offices to submit their completed applications forms (refer to the attached Notices)