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Kwanalu: COVID-19 Regulations update

There is currently some uncertainty as to the interpretation of the regulations dealing with the lockdown. It now appears as if some agricultural activities not related to food production are now precluded from the definition of essential goods. There might also be some changes to the permit form. Additional restrictions relating to the number of passengers on vehicles are also applicable. We are currently working on a summary document for guidance which will be sent asap.  We need to understand that the intention of the lockdown is to prevent the further transmission of the virus by restricting movement and limiting contact.
Exactly how to accomplish this while ensuring that adequate resources are still available is proving a challenge for Government. The situation is fluid and protocols will most likely change as the lockdown progresses.

Kwanalu will communicate all relevant information as it becomes available. Your understanding in this regard is appreciated.

Gov Gazette_Regulations on Lockdown 250320

Gazette_COGTA in terms of Section 27 250320