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Kwanalu Women in Agriculture

& Rural Business Directory

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The KZN Agricultural Union have launched a campaign to highlight the achievements and businesses of female entrepreneurs in KZN’s agricultural and rural sectors. The directory will officially be launched in August 2022 for Women’s Month to celebrate all agricultural and rural female entrepreneurs and business owners.


We invite you to collaborate in the Kwanalu Women in Agriculture and Rural Business Directory, an online directory of female owned businesses throughout KZN with the intention of growing markets, collaborations and business opportunities.


Your listing will be shared on Kwanalu’s website and social media platforms to grow your business and promote ongoing networking opportunities.


Entry is free and will provide women entrepreneurs with a much needed source of marketing to build connections with like-minded entrepreneurs and to establish an online presence. All entrants will be entered into a lucky draw with many chances to win resourceful prizes for your business and for personal growth.

By completing the online form, you provide consent for Kwanalu to promote your business details on its public platforms.

Please click “I agree” below if you wish to proceed to the submission form.