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    Differential membership fees are catered for in the following categories of membership:
    Main member:R4 828.54
    Family farm (Single farming unit) First person full main fee – Each additional family member half main feeR4 828.54
    Young Farmer <30:R2 412.45
    Farm manager: Full main fee however if farm owner is a full member, farm manager will be half of main feeR4 828.54
    Main member above the age of 70:R2 412.45
    Rural Land Ownership or Weekend or Lifestyle or AgriTourism (eg. B&B):R2 412.45
    Companies/Partnership/CC etc. (Farmer business): (1 nominated representative)R4 828.54
    Development estate: (1 nominated representative)R4 828.54
    Small Scale (Previously Disadvantaged only)R670.00
    Friend of Kwanalu / Associated person / Virtual (Not a farmer, non-voting)R2 412.45
    New Main Members First year onlyR2 412.45
    New Main Member from JanuaryPro-rata
    Micro/Virtual Farmer (incl. women & youth) (non-voting)R240.00


    Above information set out by fees categories:

    Differential membership fees are catered for in the following categories of membership:

    · Main member

    · Family farm (Single farming unit) First person full main fee – Each additional family member half main fee

    · Farm manager: Full main fee however if farm owner is a full member, farm manager will be half of main fee

    · Companies/Partnership/CC etc. (Farmer business): (1 nominated representative)

    · Development estate: (1 nominated representative)

    ent estate: (1 nominated representative)

    R4 828.54

    ·Young Farmer <30

    ·Main member above the age of 70

    ·Rural Land Ownership or Weekend or Lifestyle or AgriTourism

    · Friend of Kwanalu / Associated person / Virtual (Not a farmer, non-voting)

    ·New Main Members First year only

    R2 412.45
    ·Small Scale (Previously Disadvantaged only)R670.00
    · Micro Virtual Farmer (incl. women & youth) (non-voting)R240.00

    After receiving a challenge from some Farmers’ Associations that Kwanalu and its members constitutionally right itself with respect to membership and affiliation procedures, the administration department set about receiving input and proposals for a generic policy. The input was considered and collated and the Board of Governors agreed on a simple policy for implementation.

    The overall objective is to ensure fair representation for all paying members. Kwanalu’s strength lies in its collective lobbying power – the non-payment or “free-riders” undermine the power generated by individual farmers at a local level.

    With the onset of various legislation and the impacts thereof, it is of key importance that as an organization we firmly position ourselves as a powerful united organization. To do this our funding policy must be sound and implemented across the board.

    We kindly request that every effort is made to ensure compliance with the policy. Should you require any assistance or further information please contact the Kwanalu office and speak with Rita.





    Membership Procedures

    • The Kwanalu Congress set the subscriptions annually
    • The Board of Governors assesses subscriptions annually and they are payable by all voting members of Farmers’ Associations
    • A full list of the Farmers’ Associations’ voting members must be forwarded to Kwanalu
    • According to Clause 20.7 of the Kwanalu Constitution, subscriptions are due and payable by 30 September of that particular year
    • Payments must be effected and a reconciliation submitted to Kwanalu
    • Differential subscriptions are catered for. See the membership fees for the period
    • Farmers’ Associations are responsible for categorizing members – this must be done in a responsible accountable way
    • Full membership reconciliation lists are sent to each Farmers’ Association by Kwanalu

    Each Farmers’ Association is required to:

    • Cross reference the Farmers’ Association membership list and check on the status of the member i.e. Outstanding, paid etc.
    • Attend to any queries
    • Ensure that every member of the Farmers’ Association is a member of Kwanalu
    • Farmers’ Associations must sign off that the list is a true reflection of all the members of the Association
    • Life Membership – life membership was offered to NAU members. However, when the amalgamation of Kwanalu took place it was agreed by the Board of Governors during the constituting of Kwanalu that these NAU life members would be recognized

    However, the membership contributions are of a different nature today, i.e. Kwanalu members now contribute to Agri SA annually.  This fee is also recovered from individual members in the total Kwanalu membership fee.  Kwanalu makes an annual affiliation payment to Agri SA on behalf of its members

    • Life members of the NAU are requested to review their position in light of the very different agricultural environment and contribute their full membership fee to Kwanalu.
    • Within the constraints of resources and where possible, Farmers’ Associations are encouraged to collect the membership fees for Kwanalu and pay these over before the end of September of each year
    • Farmers’ Associations collecting and paying over the full membership fees by end September of the current year are currently entitled to a 2½% incentive fee. This is calculated by Kwanalu and paid over to the relevant Farmers’ Associations
    • Discounted fees

    A discount of approximately 5% is allowed on subscriptions received by 30 September – this applies to commercial and small holder/part time memberships

    • Vat of 15% applies to all subscriptions. This is paid over to SARS and Farmers’ Associations who are not registered can use Kwanalu’s vat registration number when collecting subscriptions

    Affiliation Fee Procedures

    • Affiliation fees will be assessed annually by the Board of Governors.
    • Affiliation fees are charged to all of the other affiliated organisations subject to those organisations complying with the rules as set by the Board from time to time, e.g. e.g. Commodity organizations, FWI, UKZN, Agri Businesses.
    • Methodology

    The Board of Governors, in consultation with affiliates, agrees on fixed amounts for affiliation with increases according to the decision taken by the Board of Governors on an annual basis.  (It is however proposed that this methodology be reviewed.)

    • Payment procedure
      • Annually an invoice will be issued to each affiliate
      • Outstanding accounts are followed up through a generally accepted debtors collection process

    No member can move down a category without prior written permission from the FA/DFA

    Categories allocation of new members will be determined by the FA/DFA.