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Kwanalu: COVID-19 Update 17/04/20

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  1. Amended Regulations Published on 16 April 2020
  2. Self-regulation Permit and CIPC registration certificate
  3. Temporary Employer/Employee Relief Scheme (TERS)

1.Amended Regulations Published on 16 April 2020

Amendments to the regulations during the extended lockdown were released yesterday. It was emphasized that with the phasing out of the lockdown there will be a relaxation of certain regulations.  The amended regulations which may be applicable to agriculture follow:

  1. Amendment to regulation 8, which stipulates that the transport of alcohol, other than for the manufacture of hand sanitizers and disinfectants, is prohibited. This may be problematic for the wine industry and seems contradictory with the transport directive which was recently issued on the exportation of wine
  2. Regulation 11B (1) (bb), which is now amended to explicitly provide for the transportation across district and provincial boundaries of essential goods
  3. A new regulation 11CA was added which prohibits all evictions for the duration of the lockdown
  4. The list of essential goods is supplemented with hardware, components and supplies that require essential services to operate
  5. The list of essential services is supplemented with emergency repairs and IT services for businesses operating as essential services
  6. Export of goods already in the ports must continue to avoid congestion of goods in the harbours
  7. Hardware and vehicle component suppliers must keep a register of essential service buyers
  8. The DTI may designate services of entities essential to international trade as essential
  9. Refineries must operate at full capacity to ensure that there is enough fuel
  10. Vehicles used for essential purposes may undergo emergency repairs

For the amended regulations click here: Amended Regulations 16 April 2020 COGTA

2.Self-regulation Permit and CIPC registration certificate
The government again reiterated that the CIPC registration certificate is not a permit. The self-issue permits issued by employers is the only document with legal force that can permit employees to perform essential services to be exempted from certain restrictions. So whilst the CIPC may be issuing new registration certificates, the legal document remains the essential service permit and this does not expire. Hence there is no need for employers to issue new permits to essential employees.
For the self-regulation template permit click here: PERMIT TO PERFORM ESSENTIAL SERVICES amended 2420 incl pg 2 shifts_schedules

3.Temporary Employer/Employee Relief Scheme (TERS)

We are very aware of significant challenges to access, process information etc. on the system, we are addressing this matter.


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