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Summit to debate KZN land issue

The Witness
29 Jun 2018
Clive Ndou

AS traditional leaders begin to mobilise support against government’s plans to remove land from the control of traditional leaders, the KZN government is planning a summit to discuss the contentious matter.
The focus of the summit, meant to revolve around agricultural matters, has now been broadened to include the embattled Ingonyama Trust which administers tribal land on behalf of Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini.
“The provincial government does not have a view on the debate around the future of the Ingonyama Trust given that the matter is currently before Parliament.  “However, we can’t ignore the fact that people out there are already debating the matter. The upcoming agricultural summit will definitely deal with the Ingonyama Trust issue,” the premier’s spokesperson, Thami Ngidi, said.
Parliament is considering a recommendation by a panel of experts that the Ingonyama Act that created the trust should either be amended or scrapped.  Parallel to the panel’s recommendation, Parliament is also processing the Draft Communal Land Tenure Bill aimed at ensuring that land under the custodianship of traditional leaders is transferred to individual rural dwellers.
If passed, the measure will see rural dwellers living in areas controlled by the trust getting title deeds instead of the Permission to Occupy (PTO) certificates currently being issued by the trust to the residents.  As part of efforts to counter government’s plans, traditional leaders in the province are planning a mass meeting next week.

“The agricultural summit will … deal with the Ingonyama Trust issue.”