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AgriSA Expropriation Without Compensation Plan

Open letter to our members:

Dear Members

On 27 February 2018 we all took note of the motion regarding expropriation without compensation that was accepted by Parliament.

Dan Kriek, President of Agri SA in a letter to his fellow farmers explains the issue as well as the process forward.

Agri SA has also compiled a mitigation plan for Expropriation without Compensation, in the form of an infogram. During our Kwanalu roadshow we have been unpacking this infogram a little further.

The mitigation plan unpacked, includes amongst other actions:

  • Sourcing strategic advisors and experts
  • Appointing a public relations company
  • Obtaining legal and economic advice
  • Conducting a series of “contact session” with key stakeholders
  • Developing a strategy on how to engage with the Constitutional Review Committee

As part of the strategy Agri SA has created a “Property Protection Fund” – a fund to assist in funding the planned actions.  Given the seriousness of the matter, Agri SA has appealed for those who can, to contribute to the fund.  In principle all farmers have been asked to contribute a minimum of R1000.  (The Kwanalu board will be considering this request and look at an implementation plan for its members).

More information will follow on this matter in due course.

Please click here to read the letter addressed to you (available in English & Afrikaans)

AgriSA_EWC Plan_Letter_V5

AgriSA_EWC Plan_Brief_W6

The Agri SA mitigation plan for Expropriation without Compensation, in the form of an infogram:

Agri SA ewc Eng/Afr