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AGRI-Tourism Research – request

I am a full-time student at the NWU – Potchefstroom Campus, busy with my Masters Degree in Tourism Management focusing on agri-tourism. My thesis deals with: “Determining the size and scope of agri-tourism in South Africa”. Part of my study / research is the collection of information from South African farmers. I also serve on the Board of Agritourism SA.

There is no recognized research on agri-tourism available in this regard. Without this basis, namely to know what really happens in this industry, it is difficult to get involved successfully. To date, the feedback I received is extremely low and by far not enough to make a successful contribution.

Farmers, especially younger farmers entering the industry are faced with many challenges to make farming successful. Established farmers are now forced by government and other factors beyond their control to be innovate and to diversify in order to be profitable! Every square inch of land must generate an income.

Agri-tourism is already established with a good income!! It is undoubtedly still small and has a far way to go before it really can affect the lives of most farmers. Many farmers have already made mistakes in their efforts to enter this profitable market and a number of farmers are likely to make more mistakes due to a lack of knowledge.

The research is the basis for various end products, as a partner, which helps the Farmer to exploit Tourism as a source of income. This research will probably be followed by “How to implement agri-tourism on your farm” or “Agri-tourism management on your farm”, and so on!

I have already handed out questionnaires at the Potatoes SA and Agri SA congresses in 2017 for completion. It takes approximately 10 minutes to complete the questionnaires. The questionnaire is also available online, but because there is not much feedback there, we are rather focusing on physical surveys. The electronic link is: https://goo.gl/forms/gHGYVvyccl8v5Rw63

Questionnaires are voluntary, anonymous and confidential. Only the province is indicated.

Please consider the value of this research. My conclusions and recommendations are made by province, therefor the more completed questionnaire I receive per province, the better my feedback will be for that province.

Christelle van Zyl

076 499 6069