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Agricultural Sector Crime Survey

Owing to an unacceptable level of crime and violence, Agri SA approached the Bureau of Market Research (BMR) at the University of South Africa (Unisa) to conduct an Agricultural Sector Crime Survey during 2018.  Most importantly, the need for reliable and updated crime statistics is essential to validate the accuracy of existing data to monitor future trends and to assess and design crime prevention initiatives in collaboration with the government and members of Agri SA.

You are invited to participate in a confidential 2018 Farmers’ Perception Crime Survey that will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.  The formal invitation, specifications and instructions to participate in the crime perception survey are contained in the questionnaire that can be retrieved via the following survey link: http://survey.unisa.ac.za/index.php/967284?lang=en

Below in Afrikaans and English is a guideline on complete the survey.


In reaksie op die terugvoer van AgriSA dat sommige lede tans probleme ervaar om die vraelys elektronies in te dien,  het die Buro vir Marknavoring by UNISA riglyne saamgestel om respondente te help om die vrae korrek te beantwoord.  Die riglyne strook met die terugvoer van sommige Agri SA-lede wat aangedui het dat die vraelys nie elektronies ingedien kan word voordat ‘n “geldige” antwoord voorsien word nie.  Om te verhoed dat dié probleem herhaal word, is dit uiters belangrik dat die instruksies tydens die voltooing van die vrae noukeurig gevolg moet word.  Voorbeeld 1 toon die korrekte antwoordformaat om vrae te beantwoord.


Die instruksie om vraag 1 in die vraelys te antwoord word in “GROEN” teks aangedui (sien Prent 1) en versoek baie duidelik dat “slegs getalle” in die antwoordruimte ingevul mag word.

Prent 1

Indien die instruksie in “Groen” nie gevolg word nie, en die antwoord as “TWEE” in plaas van “2” in die antwoordruimte ingevul word (sien Prent 2), sal die boodskap op die rekenaarskerm verander na “ROOI” teks en die respondent herinner om ‘n “getal” (2) en nie ‘n “teks-antwoord” (TWEE) te verskaf nie.

Prent 2

Indien die instruksie in “ROOI” nie uitgevoer word nie, sal die opname nie die respondent toelaat om voort te gaan om enige verdere vrae op die volgende skerm te beantwoord nie.  In dié geval sal die instruksie die respondent herinner om eers die “geldige” antwoord te verskaf (sien Prent 3).  Let asseblief daarop dat die opdrag nie ‘n “verkeerde” antwoord aandui nie, maar eerder verwys na ‘n “ongeldige” antwoord wat nie in die korrekte formaat verskaf is nie.

Prent 3

‘n Tweede voorbeeld (sien VOORBEELD 2) word ook hieronder ingelsuit vir antwoorde wat “RAND-waardes” vereis (sien Prent 4).  In dié voorbeeld word respondente versoek om NIE ‘n “R” voor die randwaarde van ‘n antwoordruimte te plaas nie.  In dié geval sal die “ROOI” instruksie weer verskyn en die respondent moet dan die randwaarde as “100” en nie as “R100” aandui nie (sien Prent 5).  Indien dié instruksie nie gevolg word nie, sal dieselfde boodskap soos in Prent 3 aangedui, weer verskyn want ‘n “ongeldige” antwoordformaat is verskaf.


Prent 4

  Prent 5

Met dié riglyne tot u beskikking vertrou die Buro vir Marknavorsing by UNISA dat alle Agri SA lede ‘n regverdige kans gegun word om insette te lewer deur die opname-instruksies, soos verduidelik, noukeurig na te volg.



 In response to the feedback received from Agri SA that some members currently experience problems in submitting the online survey, the Bureau of Market Research at UNISA has compiled a set of guidelines to assist respondents to complete the questions correctly.  The guidelines align with the feedback received from some Agri SA members who indicated that they are prohibited to submit their questionnaires if no “reliable” answers are provided. In an attempt to prevent this problem reoccurring, it is extremely important that the instructions in completing the questions should be followed precisely.   Image 1 serves as a first example to complete a question in the correct answer format.


The instruction to answer question 1 in the survey is displayed in “GREEN” text (see Image 1) and clearly requests that “only numbers” may be entered in the answer box.

Image 1

 If the instruction in “GREEN” is not followed, and the answer is provided as “Two” instead of “2”, the message will change to “RED” text (see Image 2) to remind the respondent to provide an answer in a “number” (2) and not in a “text” format (TWO).

Image 2

If the instruction in “RED” is ignored, the survey will not allow respondents to proceed in answering any further questions on the next screen.  In this case the instruction will remind the respondent to first provide a “valid” answer before proceeding (see Image 3).  Please note that this instruction does not imply an “incorrect” answer but rather refers to an “invalid” answer format.

Image 3

A second example (see EXAMPLE 2), is displayed below for a question that requires an answer in “Rand value”.  In this example, respondents are requested NOT to add a “R” in front of the “Rand value” answer. If ignored, a “RED” instruction will appear on the screen and the respondent will be requested to record the answer as “100” and not “R100”.  To indicate to the respondent that an “invalid” answer format has been entered, a pop-up message with an instruction (see Image 3) will appear on the screen which will indicate to the respondent that an “invalid” answer format has been provided and needs to be changed prior to proceeding with the remaining questions.


Image 4

Image 5

With these guidelines the Bureau of Market Research at UNISA is confident that the views of all Agri SA members will be accounted for, should the survey instructions be followed precisely.